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Living Legacy Institute

Social and Humanitarian Assistance

The Washington Center has established a new and exciting program to coordinate and advance its social and humanitarian efforts. People Offering Social and Humanitarian Help is a multi-faceted program, engaging in many traditional Chabad-Lubavitch projects.

Educational institutions vary from early childhood programs, elementary and secondary schools, today and overnight summer camps, rabbinical colleges, teacher's seminaries and extensive adult and senior citizen's educational programs.

Millions of volumes and pieces of Jewish literature are published throughout the year, appealing in dozens of languages to people of all ages and levels of learning and observance. Chabad-Lubavitch employs cutting edge technology in its educational work, using new and innovative methods to bring Jewish learning and knowledge to all who seek it, wherever they may be, geographically or in terms of identity and communal involvement.

Social service initiatives of Chabad-Lubavitch also run the gamut, from counseling, crisis intervention, and drug rehabilitation, to food and job banks, community assistance and immigrant resettlement programs.

Chabad-Lubavitch has also developed very successful chaplaincy programs, reaching out to Jewish men and women in the Armed Forces, hospitals and prisons, and providing crucial assistance to their families who are often so alone and desperate.


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