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Living Legacy Institute

Jewish Festival Awareness Series

Our Jewish heritage is enriched by many meaningful traditions and beautiful festivities through the year. The Jewish Festival Awareness Series aims to bring these wonderful aspects of Jewish life to those who want to participate in the Jewish experience but might not know how, why or even when.

By sponsoring High Holiday Services, open to all Jews regardless of membership or affiliation or even lack thereof, or the Purim festivities smack in the middle of a most busy season, the programs of the Washington Office provide easy access to Jewish learning, practices and traditions for so many.

Through thousands of holiday guides and festival kits distributed before Jewish holidays throughout the year, this project touches countless individuals and families, and based on correspondence we receive, is often (unfortunately) their only connection whatsoever to the Jewish heritage they wish to cherish.

Of course, in this age of instantaneous, electronic information, the Washington office also provides a very valuable resource on the internet so that anyone interested in learning more about these festivals can do so anytime virtually anywhere.

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