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Capitol Jewish Forum

Capital Jewish Fourm
Capitol Jewish Forum

Among the most widely recognized programs of the Washington Office is its very effective Jewish outreach on Capitol Hill.

Beginning with a "membership" of just six staffers in 1993, the Capitol Jewish Forum is now the largest Jewish group on Capitol Hill.

Here the activities are indeed varied. From small, informal study groups to larger events in honor of Jewish holidays drawing hundreds of Jewish Congressional staff and Members of Congress, we aim to bring the warmth of Jewish identity to those who otherwise may be too occupied by the demanding and often unpredictable schedule for which Capitol Hill is so famous.

A special event was held in the U.S. Capitol in 1998 to formally establish the Capitol Jewish Forum, with the bipartisan support of the House and Senate Leadership. The Forum is open to all Jewish Congressional staff and Members of Congress, and is charged with excitement about its constantly expanding "membership" of several hundred and the development of even more programs and activities.

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